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2022 Review of Formula 1: upcoming Formula 1 game by Codemasters

Formula 1 game F1 2022 was created by Codemasters and released by Electronic Arts. The game will formally launch soon after July 1 in 2022, with early access beginning on June 28, 2022.
F1 2022 is the thirteenth consecutive official game produced by the Birmingham branch of Codemasters. Most of the time, you know what to anticipate: a driving video game that is both accurate and approachable, with all the real-world F1 stars, tracks, and vehicles.
There’s a plethora of settings you can play around with both in terms of car set-up and general gameplay
Sprint is in an F1 game for the first time after its arrival in the sport last year
On PlayStation, we played f1 2022, and the graphics are amazing. Each of the tracks and automobiles is really detailed.
Although there may be cause for a happy medium that contains components like Braking Point, which were dropped from this year's title, to give the career a story around it, we quite appreciate career mode being a bit stripped back to a more "traditional" shape.
With this game, you can get your taste of F1 racing, and since VR is now available on PC for the first time, there are tonnes of new features to discover.
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