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Gucci and Adidas collaborate to create the pricey "Three Stripe"

Adidas are one of the biggest names in sportswear and Gucci are one of the biggest names in designer fashion, so a collaboration between the two would seem logical.
They have released a tonne of stuff, such as custom-colored Adidas Gazelles, tracksuits, backpacks, headgear, and jewellery, some of which appear stylish but are quite expensive.
For those with the means, it's reasonable to say that the partnership has been a huge success, resulting in a tonne of goods we'd want to buy.
The loafer they recently unveiled is one item from the line that has people talking. The leather shoe features an Adidas three-stripe design together with the signature Gucci band.
They appear to be ideal for those after-work jogs around; you'd have less to carry with you to the office, but be cautious with the grip!
The eye-watering £785 shoes are available in black leather or grey suede, or why not both if you're feeling rich and fashionable.
Despite all the current fashion trends, nothing beats a classic pair of Adidas Predator boots for the nostalgic appeal and stylish colour scheme.
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