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It's frightful that "Zombie Outbreak" trends on TikTok in China

The zombie Tiktok trend in China has created fear among people because it is being said that there will be a zombie apocalypse in China.
There were an alarming number of folks who appeared a tad overexcited about the idea of a zombie outbreak even before The Walking Dead became a TV success.
The "Zombies in China" hoax gained popularity on TikTok.
TikTok is a Chinese video sharing platform used by billions of people around the world and is known for creating all kinds of trends, be they controversial or progressive. Developers seem to be getting attention for a number of reasons.
There are zombies in China which has worried many people and caused conflict. In Twitter, Instagram and many other social networks there are many discussions on this topic and many people are interested in it.
Are zombies coming in 2022? Just as the tiktok virus has changed, it is coming and the world will end soon due to the zombie apocalypse that started in China. This has made some people very worried and that is why there have been many stories on the internet.
Most of the time tiktok trends are irrational and weird as their main goal is to grab attention by creating controversy
It all started when user monique.sky posted a video asking if the rumor was true. The video went viral and garnered 600,000 views in no time
Tiktok is a platform where anything can happen and every idea can become zombies in China Tiktok.