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Mike Tyson criticises Hulu for the "Mike" series Trevante Rhodes React

A series about Mike Tyson's career is being produced by Hulu. The primary actor, Trevante Rhodes, who plays the boxer, has reacted, but the boxer is unimpressed.
In addition to the illustrious Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson is among the most well-known professional boxers to ever compete.
Tyson has been out of the ring for a very long time. He has maintained his physical fitness, though, and his powerful punches can still knock out an opponent.
Hulu is creating a series on him to honour his illustrious career, and it will debut in a few weeks. Tyson's primary part will be portrayed by Trevante Rhodes.
Mike is not impressed with the series and blasts Hulu for portraying his life on-screen without permission.
Mike Tyson Instagram Post
Mike 2nd post for hulu
Rhodes reacted to the whole issue and wrote on his Insta handle
Checkout Rhodes Response what he said about this controversy